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Hello and welcome to Brunswicknet
Brunswicknet is a community website for residents of and visitors to the Brunswick area of Brighton and Hove. 

Brunswick is the central areas of the city stradling both Brighton and Hove.  It is a beautiful historic place with elegant Regency squares along the seafront including Brunswick Square, one of the only Grade 1 listed squares in the country.  To find out more about the history of the area why not take the Regency Society's Blue Plaque Walk Around Brunswick

Brunswick is a vibrant and busy part of the city with lots of small shops, restaurants, cafes and bars lining the main Western and Church Roads.  It is a very diverse area: it holds £million houses and crowded bedsits; elderly people who have lived here for decades and young people just passing through; it has several churches, two synagogues and a mosque; there are established Chinese, Middle Eastern and Sudanese communities and the very transient English language students who attend the many language schools in the area. 
See the array of local facilities and services at Community Information  and Business.

We are also lucky to have a range of arts venues locally including the Old Market; the New Venture Theatre; the Cella at The Sanctuary; the Permanent Gallery plus a purpose-built community centre, the Cornerstone.
To find out what's happening locally see our regularly updated What's Onpages.

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Behind the beautiful facade of the regency architecture of Brunswick, however, lies a number of social and economic problems. So much so that Brunswick was recognised as the 40th most deprived ward in the whole of England in the late 1990's. The Brunswick Community Development Project came about to involve local people in solutions to local problems to improve the quality of life for everyone living in the area.  The project produces a local newsletter, the Local Voice, and this website. 

Do please contact us with your views of the site, things you'd like to see featured, events you'd like to publicise.  And do use our Message Board to make contact with other local residents, whether it be to look for a babysitter, a lost cat, accommodation or simply to express a view about local issues.





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