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City College advert

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Brighton & Hove Council want to consult you on a variety of housing issues and have developed a consultation pack entitled: Housing Strategy 2008-2013: healthy homes, healthy lives, healthy city. 

A council spokesperson said: “We recognise that housing plays a major role in all aspects of city life and it is only by working with partners and residents that we are able to prioritise and address the housing issues that matter the most to our diverse local communities.” 

The consultation pack can be found at: 

For a hard copy e-mail sue.garner-ford@brighton-hove.gov.uk
or tel 01273 293055 providing your name and address.

This round of consultation runs to 31 August 2007 and will be used to inform an Options Paper due to be published towards the end of 2007.

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Lansdowne Road Lansdowne Residents Association

Lansdowne Area Residents' Association (LARA) has continued to meet quarterly and we have focussed on preparing the road for entry into  the City in Bloom competition.  Unfortunately the road works detract from the many flowers and trees but the road is looking better than  last year.  Our experiment of planting around the trees is not as good as expected, due to the weeds. However, marigolds survive and we will  focus on these and bulbs in the spring.

We have worked with the construction company who are replacing the sewers and who have been most helpful and very efficient.  The work is on time so by the time this reaches you all will be restored.

The meeting in September/October  will be the Annual General meeting. For date and time of meeting, go to the LARA website www.lansdowneplace.org.uk  New members and officers are needed. Notices are posted in Le Grand Cochon and on lamp-posts.

We continue to seek a better, cleaner, greener environment where the pavements are safe and obstructions are lessened.  In addition we monitor planning and license applications.

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dog Poo in the City?!

Local bylaws relating to dogs could be made simpler and more consistent, if plans to standardise Brighton & Hove’s dog control laws are approved.

At the moment, the city’s dog laws are left over from the days when Brighton and Hove were separate authorities. This means different areas of the city have different rules, which can be confusing.

The city council’s animal welfare officers are consulting on a provisional set of dog control orders they have drawn up.

Chairman of the environment committee, Councillor Geoffrey Theobald, said: “These changes should make it a lot easier for dog owners to understand exactly where dogs are allowed to go, when they should be on leads and should reiterate that people must always clean up after their dogs, failing to do so could result in a fine of up to £80 under the new legislation.”

Guide dogs will be exempt from all the dog control orders.

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Help Brighton & Hove become a dog friendly city advert

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Brunswick Festival logo Brunswick Festival Celebrates its 26th Consecutive Year!

The Brunswick Festival Group is a voluntary organisation which produces an annual festival to celebrate the diverse community of Brunswick, Hove. The Festival is one of the longest running festivals in the city and this year it celebrates its 26th Anniversary! 

The exciting programme of events and activities is FREE for everyone  –   Highlights of this year’s festival include:

Saturday 11th  August 'Rural Day': 
Bringing the countryside to the city - featuring the ever popular 'Scruffs' Dog Show. 
St. Anne's Well Gardens 1pm - 6pm 

Saturday 18th August 'Jazz In The Square': 
A lazy day of live jazz performances, bric-a-brac & food stalls and family entertainment. 
Brunswick Square  12pm - 7pm

Sunday 19th August  'Family Day':
More fun and entertainment for all the family - street theatre, circus skills, healing area, stalls, refreshments and live music. 
Brunswick Square 12pm - 7pm

Throughout the month of August there will also be photography & visual arts exhibitions at The Old Market.

For more information or to volunteer your services contact: 

John The Van / Veronica Stephens
Brunswick Festival Group , 
c/o The Old Market, Upper Market Street, Hove BN3 1AS
Tel: 01273 204 404 
E-Mail: brunswickfestival@hotmail.com

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Sewing machine JOIN OUR SEW & CHAT CLUB!
Are you a member of the Arabic / Chinese / Refugee & Asylum Seekers’ community?

Do you want the use of a sewing machine?

Are you stuck on small clothing repairs?

Have you got a pattern you need help on?

Have you some odd bits of material you want to make use of?

Come along and join a small friendly adult group with refreshments provided under the guidance of an experienced seamstress.

Starting this autumn.

For more information contact the Brunswick Project on tel 01273 325039

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Free English Conversation Classes for Beginners

Are you a member of the Arabic / Chinese / Refugee & Asylum Seekers’ community?

Starting this autumn

For more information contact the Brunswick Project on tel 01273 325039

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"I Say, They Paid Me Back!"

I recently joined the band of angry viewers claiming back money on wasted telephone calls for competitions we had no chance of being entered into, let alone winning.  This has now resulted in me getting my money back, plus a little bit more for me missing out on the chance of expecting Channel 4’s Richard and Judy guessing correctly the identity of the image they could not see, with clues such as “he’s a famous actor…erm….I think he’s American…..um…….he was in that thing……with  whatsisname off thingy……” 

The rest of the nation, however, are looking at a picture of Saddam Hussein and cannot understand why the contestant does not just say “barking mad, dead middle east dictator” as a clue instead, then trouser another £1000 and move onto the next picture before the sixty seconds times out completely.

I’ll admit to being fairly sure that despite filling in the claim form, I would never see the money again and felt pretty pleased to be on the winning side for a change.  I certainly would not describe myself as a “consumer warrior”, but I am finding that the good thing about getting a little older, which is a world away from getting old, is that I am seeing the world in a slightly different and more critical way.  Not only that, I am getting to the stage in life now where I think it’s time to stop moaning in pubs to friends about things that I don’t like and actually do something about them instead.  Either that or I am turning into Victor Meldrew about thirty odd years too early!

This extra fire in my belly has managed to get my bank to reduce the interest rate on my credit card, purely because I rang them up and asked them too.  Surprised by my own success and wondering if it was a fluke, I suggested a friend to the same and he got his rate brought down a bit too. 

I’ve also just sent an email to the good people at E.O.N to inform them that while I admire their plans for wind farms and would like a look around, the advert is now more than flesh and blood can stand and could they please remove it from the airwaves forthwith.  I’m also planning to contact the voiceover agency that employs Julie Walters and inform them that bank commercials with “bouncy” classical music in the background are, apart from the obvious waste of Miss Walters’ talents, also getting on my nerves. 

Although I’ll admit that emailing corporate giants to whinge about their current adverts might seem a little silly, my basic point is that as consumers we’re very powerful people and we put up with a lot, from sky high interest rates from banks, poor service in shops, rubbish on the telly and much more besides.  They say that the pen is mightier than the sword.  It’s also much easier to write with, so we should use it more often to say we’re not happy and we’re not standing for it and maybe, just maybe, things might get better.


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The Local Voice is a free independent publication for people living in the Brunswick area. It is produced jointly by the Brunswick Community Development Project and volunteer writers and designers. We are always on the look out for new volunteer writers; so if you would like to send an article and see your name in print or if you have any comments on this issue, please contact:

Local Voice Co-ordinator
Brunswick Community Development Project,
The Old Market,
Upper Market Street,
Hove BN3 1AS 
(01273) 325 039

The Local Voice is written by local people and the views in it do not necessarily reflect those of the editor.

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